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AquaTru Classic - Alkaline 2 year filter pack

AquaTru Classic - Alkaline 2 year filter pack

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This package includes all the filters you'll need for up to two years after purchasing your AquaTru Classic or Aquatru Under Sink system. It contains 4 pre-carbon filters (1-2), 2 VOC carbon filters with pH+ mineral boost (4), and 1 reverse osmosis filter (3), suitable for AquaTru Classic Alkaline. The pre-carbon filter needs to be replaced every six months and is responsible for removing bacteria, sediment, and other large particles. The activated carbon also eliminates any chlorine taste from the water. The reverse osmosis filter is designed to filter even the smallest harmful substances from the tap water. This filter only needs to be replaced once every two years or after filtering 5000 liters of water, depending on which comes first. The VOC carbon filter with pH+ mineral boost removes the remaining impurities, adds healthy minerals, and alkalizes your drinking water. This package provides everything you need for 2 years.

Time for replacement?
AquaTru will indicate when it's time to replace a filter. The filter number will remain illuminated on the front display of your AquaTru. You can then replace the old filter by the new one. Finally, press the 'filter reset' button at the back of the device.

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