The Power of Water

Water plays an important role in virtually every process in your body. No surprise, since 99% of the human body consists of water molecules. Depending on your , weight, age and sex, it is advised to drink somewhere between two to three liters of water every day. But why?

Drinking enough pure water has a lot of benefits. It gives you better skin, better concentration and better organ function. It can also help with burning fat, recovering after training and removing toxins from your body. And that’s just the start.

We’ll say it again: drinking water has a lot of benefits. But if you really want to take full advantage of these benefits, you have to make sure that the water that you’re drinking is clean and pure. If your water is contaminated, it can negate these benefits and even have negative consequences for your health.

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Do you want to know more about the contaminants in your tapwater and the impact on your health?

  • Environment

    By drinking AquaTru water you’re not only taking care of yourself, you're also taking care of the environment. Europeans are the largest consumers of bottled water with 52 billion liters in total, averaging 109,9 liters per person per year. Together we produce 994.430 tons of plastic every single year.

    Many of these plastic bottles contain BPA, which is a very harmful compound. It is linked to weight gain, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hormone imbalance and sexual disfunction.

    Over 90% of the BPA's inside our body come from the things we eat and drink.

  • Savings

    Compared to bottled water, with AquaTru you save a lot of money. In this example we made a calculation based on a family of four. Each person drinks an average of 2,5 liters of water a day. That is 10 liters a day, which amounts to 3650 liters a year.

    On average, a liter of bottled water costs €0,50. By drinking AquaTru water a family of four can save up to €1825,- a year! AquaTru costs €450,-. After this one time investment the replacement of the filters is €137,50 a year.

    AquaTru only uses €2,- of electricity a year.


You have probably read about the contaminants in our tap water and the importance of drinking pure water on our homepage. But here, we want to go a bit more in depth. What contaminants are in our tap water? What is pure water, and how does it contribute to your health?

After reading a lot of research documents, we found some interesting and important answers. We would like to share them with you.

What people say about us

I get asked so frequently what my favourite water filter is, and I always say AquaTru is the real deal. I even add some Celtic sea salt in every glass just to remineralise the water and ensure I'm hydrating with the best stuff around.

Tim Gray, CEO, Health Optimisation Summit

For the past 10 years, I've had a typical water filter with a cartridge. I always thought this was enough, until I learned about how many major contaminants had passed through the filter and I was still consuming. I discovered AquaTru through a podcast called Heal Thy Self by Dr G. Whenever I see anyone drinking from a plastic bottle, I have to share some information with them about AquaTru so they can do further research for themselves. This is the best countertop water filtration system you will find with very simple instructions to set up. Perfect.

Roger Snipes, Aesthetic Biohacker/ Coach – Author: Your mind builds your body

The AquaTru is an innovative product. Sleek in design and with unique 4-phase filtering system. Quality the way I like it!

Leon Verhagen, dentist

With AquaTru, we drink a lot more water because it tastes better. It also reassures me that my children drink pure water every day.

Corine Vogelaar, Director Life Sciences Branche