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AquaTru Under Sink - Alkaline Complete Set

AquaTru Under Sink - Alkaline Complete Set

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‣ Removes up to 99% of all chemicals

‣ Makes your water lime and chloride free

‣ Installation required, no electricity needed

Do you like to drink alkaline drinking water straight from your AquaTru Under Sink? This Alkaline version contains a different VOC Carbon filter with pH+ Mineral Boost. This filter removes VOC contaminants, adds healthy minerals and alkalises your drinking water. This version of the AquaTru Under Sink Water Purifier is designed for homeowners or large families needing reliable access to high-quality, purified and alkalised water. This system includes a dedicated faucet for convenient filling of cookware and drinkware directly from your sink. Featuring a 4-stage reverse osmosis process, it efficiently removes contaminants like lead, arsenic, PFAs, fluoride, chlorine, and nitrates. Easy to install and maintain, the AquaTru Under Sink is built for seamless integration into your kitchen, with long-lasting filters that ensure consistent purity and reduce the need for frequent replacements. Opt for the AquaTru Under Sink Water Purifier for a straightforward solution to safe, clean drinking water.

With our visual guide, you can easily install the AquaTru Under Sink Reverse Osmosis System. For a detailed look at the process, please read our blog post. Enjoy pure, refreshing water with confidence!

    What's in the box

    • Filter Manifold and 3 Filters (Pre-Filter, RO Filter, VOC Carbon filter with pH+ Mineral Boost). 
    • RO Holding
    • RO Water Faucet 
    • Cold Tap Water Adaptor - ½” Male & Female 
    • Cold Tap Water Adaptor - ⅜” Male & Female 
    • Drain Saddle 
    • RO Faucet Quick Connect Fitting 
    • RO Holding Tank Valve 
    • TruPure Holding Tank Sanitiser 
    • Filter Manifold Installation Hardware


    • Tank Dimensions: 35.56 cm x 25.4 cm (H x D) (Conversion to centimeters for dimensions.)
    • Manifold Dimensions: 10.16 cm x 29.21 cm x 33.02 cm (L x W x H) (Conversion to centimeters for dimensions.)
    • Tank Capacity: Approximately 11.36 liters (Conversion from gallons to liters for volume.)
    • Weight: 5.19 kg
    • Membrane Production: Approximately 204.41 liters per day (LPD) (Note: Gallons per day (GPD) is converted to liters per day, recognizing that daily production rates can vary based on local water conditions and usage.)
    • Membrane Reduction: 87.1% average reduction of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
    • Daily Production Rate: 204.41 LPD
    • Operating Pressure: 2.76 - 5.86 bar (Note: PSI is converted to bar, the common unit of pressure in the EU.)
    • Operating Temperature: 4-38°C (Conversion from Fahrenheit to Celsius for temperature.)
    • Material: Tritan® (BPA-free)
    • No power connection needed
    • Professional installation from a plumber required
    • Patented 4-stage Ultra Reverse Osmosis® Technology
    • Independently tested according to NSF standards
    • Control panel with notifications for filter replacement and maintenance
    • Filters last 6 months to 2 years
    • To produce 1 liter of filtered water, approximately 3 liters of tap water are needed (depending on the water pressure).

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    Features and benefits of the AquaTru Under Sink

    AquaTru Classic has a 4-stage water filtration based on reverse osmosis. The system needs professional installation but is easy to use afterwards, simply by tapping your glass of water. After installing the Unit and filters, the Under Sink water tank will fill and the system will immediately start filtering. In just a couple of minutes you will be able to enjoy the pure water.

    Under-sink reverse osmosis tanks are prone to bacterial contamination if not properly sanitised, a maintenance step often overlooked due to its complexity, involving tubing and syringes. Recognising this, we've innovated with our patent-pending TruPure RO Sanitiser, designed to streamline and simplify the process, ensuring your AquaTru tank remains pristine with minimal effort.

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    Purification process

    The AquaTru Classic utilises reverse osmosis to filter tap water, directly connecting to your water system for a virtually unlimited supply of purified water. Similarly, the AquaTru Under Sink model employs a comprehensive multi-stage purification process. This includes a sediment filter, a pre-carbon filter, a reverse osmosis membrane, and a post-carbon filter, all of which are identical to those used in the AquaTru Classic. These filters work in concert to eliminate a wide range of contaminants, including chlorine, lead, arsenic, fluoride, and more, delivering water that is not only pure and clean but also tastes great.

    Get your Aquatru

    How to install the Aquatu Under Sink

    The installation of the AquaTru Under Sink system can be accomplished by individuals, provided they possess foundational knowledge in plumbing. For professional plumbers, the installation process is straightforward and clear, mirroring the purity of the water it delivers.

    Filters for the Aquatru Under the Sink:

    The Aquatru Under Sink uses the same filters as the Aquatru Classic

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