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AquaTru Classic - Alkaline VOC filter (4)

AquaTru Classic - Alkaline VOC filter (4)

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This VOC carbon filter with pH+ mineral boost is suitable for both AquaTru Classic and Aquatru Under Sink Systems and provides mineralized alkaline pure water. Do you like to drink mineral-rich and alkaline water, comparable to brands such as Evian or Arrowhead, but without BPAs from plastic bottles? Then this filter is suitable for you. It makes your drinking water alkaline and adds healthy minerals such as calcium and magnesium. If you used the classic VOC carbon filter for this, you can simply replace it with the VOC carbon filter with pH+ mineral boost. The filter has a lifespan of 2500 litres and must then be replaced.

If you prefer a mineral-free water taste, comparable to water brands such as Aquafina or SmartWater, then you should opt for the classic VOC carbon filter.

Time for replacement?
AquaTru will indicate when it's time to replace a filter. The filter number will then remain lit on the display on the front of your AquaTru. You can then replace the old filter by the new one. Finally press the 'filter reset' button on the back of the device.

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