Why I purchased an AquaTru for my new restaurant

Why I purchased an AquaTru for my new restaurant

Lucia (33) was raised in Italy and relocated to the Netherlands at the age of 10. Countless afternoons were spent in the kitchen alongside her father. "The captivating aromas of Italian cuisine, nothing can compare to that for me. I had mastered the art of operating a pasta machine before I even learned how to ride a bike," she laughs. "When my father mentioned that he wanted to reduce his workload at the restaurant, I eagerly stepped up to the challenge. Learning my father's recipes and presenting them on a beautifully arranged plate for our guests filled me with immense pride. His kitchen was sacred, and not just anyone was granted access while he worked. It was a privilege one had to earn," Lucia reminisces.

Seeking the finest outcome

"While I remained faithful to my father's recipes, I constantly sought ways to enhance our culinary experience. Simplifying the work was my goal. Take the pans, for instance! I found myself scrubbing away limescale from them every few weeks. The pans used for boiling pasta, in particular, would often develop stubborn white spots or streaks that ordinary detergents failed to remove. I would dedicate yet another afternoon armed with a sponge and tenacious cleaning agents."

Water: the essential element

"It was during those moments that I contemplated how to improve the situation. After all, water serves as the foundation for everything we do in the kitchen. Whether it's the pasta sauce, boiling pasta, washing vegetables, or cleaning, water plays a vital role. I realized the importance of exploring the quality of water we used. What lurked within it? Well, quite a lot! Numerous unfiltered chemicals and persistent limescale found their way into our water. Delving deeper into this issue, I was taken aback by the level of contamination in the water we consumed and used for cooking. But as they say, with challenges come solutions. A friend of mine had an AquaTru water filter at home, and I paid her a visit to learn more. She assured me that AquaTru could eliminate up to 99% of those substances from my water. It seemed like the perfect remedy to my predicament!"

AquaTru: the restaurant's beloved companion

"It goes without saying that I became a staunch advocate. Although my father initially raised eyebrows at the idea of introducing such a modern device into our professional kitchen, I insisted on its implementation. When I mentioned that the food would taste even more exceptional as a result, he reluctantly agreed. The first serving of spaghetti bolognese prepared with AquaTru graced his plate, accompanied by a crystal-clear glass of water. To our surprise, it was indeed a brilliant idea," he conceded with a playful request for more garlic.