"Clean water is the basis for everything you do" - Jose

"Clean water is the basis for everything you do" - Jose

Jose (57) bought the AquaTru a few months ago. She used to drink tap water and Bar le Duc, but that is now a thing of the past. What makes AquaTru unique for her is the ease of use. The device has now become an indispensable part of her household. Read all about her experiences here!


“Last February I really started actively researching water quality and comparing different brands. Until then I always drank tap water and Bar le Duc. I had never really looked at the label, but when I found out what was in it, I switched to Spa Blue. Within a week I had more energy. And that while I've been ill for ten years! I thought it was so special that I kept looking for a more permanent solution without having to buy bottled water all the time.”


“I discovered that distillation is the best option. You then have a stainless steel kettle with a fan on it. You fill it with water that is heated to 108 degrees celcius. So the thing is getting hot! All the water that evaporates is collected in a reservoir after it goes through a carbon filter. This gives you really clean water, with a TDS content of 0. TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids, or the number of dissolved solids in the drinking water.”

Glossy coat

“I only use this distillation system to make colloidal silver water or copper water. I mix this with the drinking water of the cats and I spray it in their mouths. Before I did this, my cats often suffered from inflamed gums from the calcium salts in tap water. But now they don't care anymore. Plus, their coat shines like never before!”


“The only drawback is that distillation is a very labour-intensive process. It takes four hours for four liters of water and you use a lot of power and heat. That's why I can't use it for everything. I therefore wanted to have a device installed, but discovered that many of these devices have a closed barrel: you cannot see what is happening and the process is unclear. But then I came across AquaTru. The device is said to be easy to use, it produces the least amount of waste water and it is plug and play, so you don't need a plumber. In addition, I could see the entire process of water filtration: that was important to me. I immediately ordered the AquaTru online and received the device a day later.”

Easy and fast

“Since installing my AquaTru I haven't had a drop of Spa Blue. I use the device once every five days. It gives me just under 2.5 liters in fifteen minutes. The process is therefore a lot faster than distillation! I then fill a lot of bottles, so that I can go ahead for a few days. I don’t like it to use devices a lot. In addition, the device is very easy to use. You fill the reservoir with tap water and it does its thing. I was a bit apprehensive about installing the filters, but this is also very simple. One turns on the unit, put the filters in,  turn once, and you're done. You can't even call it installing. And if I ever have a question, the specialists at AquaTruWater are always there for me. The service is great!“

Basic Need

“Tap water in my area has a TDS of between 100 and 250. With AquaTru I lower this to about 10 TDS. The difference is unbelievable. After oxygen, clean water is one of our most important basic needs, and I am so shocked by the quality of our tap water. If I feel better within a week, when I have been ill for ten years: there is no clearer evidence, is there? Since I stopped drinking tap water, I have more energy and I am a lot clearer in my head.”

“Consider what water does to your body. You hear from so many people that they think their health is important and that they are actively involved in healthy living. But they brew their herbal tea with ‘dirty’ tap water, and wash their vegetables with ‘dirty’ tap water.  It is like mopping  you're floor with mud: it won't do you any good."

Flavor enhancer

“A nice side effect is the taste of the filtered water. I notice a huge difference, in everything. It removes all the chloride from the water and all other substances. Plain, pure water suddenly tastes very soft and sweet. But even if you prepare coffee with it, you won’t believe what you're tasting. It seems as if the water enhances all the flavors. For example, you only have to add one drop of lemon juicy and it makes a world of difference.”


“I can't recommend AquaTru enough if you want the best for yourself and your body. People around me often complain that they want to get rid of the limescale in their water. They then buy a descaling device. They are very expensive, and then you still don't have clean water! AquaTru is much more sustainable in that regard. Truly clean water is the basis for everything you do. That is worth the investment.”


Jose (57)