A vital body with pure drinking water

A vital body with pure drinking water

Many of us have been told from an early age: water is good for you. It has a positive impact on your skin and hair and it keeps your body in balance. After all, water is the main building block of the human body. If you want a vital body, drinking plenty of water is essential. But... for all these possitive effects we need clean drinking water! How does one ensure pure drinking water without harmful substances? 

Healthy living 

For many people healthy living is becoming increasingly important. We eat less meat, avoid sugar-rich products and exercise more and more. No surprise: we are learning more and more about the human body, including the great importance of drinking enough water. Water has many different characteristics. For example, water hydrates the skin and prevents headaches and fatigue. And do you want to lose weight? One of the first nutritional advices a dietitian will probably give you is to drink more water. 

Vital body 

But water does not just provide health benefits. Water is simply indispensable for a vital body. For example, it acts as a transporter and solvent for nutrients and toxins. In addition, water regulates the temperature in our body and helps to convert food into energy. In addition, water is essential for a good focus. For example, it is beneficial to drink a glass of water before an important mental task. 

Tap water 

How much water a day the body needs varies from person to person. In general, men need about 3 liters per day. Women usually need 2.5 liters. We get the fluids we need partly from food, such as vegetables and fruits. In addition to the fluids from our food, it is recommended to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water. Water is indispensable for a vital body, as long as it is pure water. Governments throughout the world have established different norms and guidelines when it comes to tap water, which differ per country. Even in the Netherlands, a country that is considered as one of the countries with the best tap water in the world, tap water also contains substances that are harmful. Think of lime, pesticides, heavy metals (such as arsenic and lead) and medicine residues. You cannot see them with the human eye, but they are there. These substances have a negative influence on the body, especially when they accumulate. For example, they can lead to memory and concentration problems, fatigue, higher blood pressure and blood sugar problems. 

Filter water 

In short: the fewer harmful substances we ingest, the better our body operates. If you want to replace ‘plain’ tap water with clean and pure drinking water, an AquaTru water filter is a good solution. The AquaTru filters all harmful substances from the tap water. The result is drinking water that is completely pure, for a vital body. And another big advantage: it tastes better! With AquaTru it’s a piece of cake to drink enough water every day.