"I have become more and more critical about tap water quality" - Marie-José

"I have become more and more critical about tap water quality" - Marie-José

Marie-José (58) has been a satisfied customer of AquaTru for many years. First at the office, but now privately: the device has become an integral part of her life. Read more about her experiences below!

Additional service

“I had a coffee shop for a long time. I wanted to offer my guests filtered water as an extra service. At the time, AquaTruWater was one of the few suppliers of water filtering systems. The choice was therefore quickly made. I got a lot of positive reactions from my guests: the water was clearly ‘softer’ and tasted better. I also used the filtered water to make tea.”

Also for home

“We have also been using the AquaTru at home for a few years now. The purchase is an investment, but it is worth it. The filters have to be replaced every once in a while. That is why I purchase annual packages. It is relatively cheaper than purchasing a filter separately. The AquaTru device keeps track of when the filters need to be replaced. You will then automatically receive a notification on the device. In addition, AquaTru will send an email a month before the filter needs to be replaced. I find this very useful. I keep track of it myself by noting the date of commissioning on the filters. And of course a reminder in my calendar. But this is actually not really needed”

Medicine residue

“I drink AquaTru water almost exclusively. If the filtered water reservoir is empty and I need a glass of water quickly, I sometimes drink tap water, but in principle I prefer not to. I always make soups with the filtered water. So I use the device very often. I know that the tap water in Europe is relatively clean compared to other countries, but I have started to look at it more and more critically. There are more and more medicine residues and plastic particles in our drinking water. I don't think that's a good idea.”

For the plants

“The device comes with two tanks. You put the tap water in the rear tank. The filtered water ends up in the front reservoir. I regularly clean the rear tank and am amazed every time how much limescale remains. After each filtering, a residue remains in the tap water tank with all kinds harmful substances. Imagine what else you ingest... The waste water has to be discarded after every filter session. This way you can be sure that all harmful substances have been removed from your tap water.”


“I just happened to make tea. I am always amazed about the softness of the water. And it also does a lot for the taste: the flavours of the tea are much more present. I can therefore recommend AquaTru to everyone. The device does what it's supposed to do. You are assured that your water is really fully filtered. It takes out up to 99% of all contaminants. And installation and maintenance are very user-friendly. The service from AquaTru is also great. They really think along with you and if there is a problem, they do everything they can to help you as quickly as possible. This is where AquaTru really distinguishes itself from other providers.”