AquaTru Water contributes to our healthy lifestyle - Pieter & Marion

AquaTru Water contributes to our healthy lifestyle - Pieter & Marion

Pieter (66) and his wife Marion (68) are dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, with a strong focus on healthy eating habits. While many people are mindful of what they consume, they may not be as aware of their drinking water. While it's common knowledge that staying hydrated is important, the quality of the water we consume is just as crucial.

Revitalised water

'Water from the tap is "dead" due to the journey it takes. Drinking water companies obtain water from rivers or underground sources, which may contain pollutants, and then apply chemical, biological, and mechanical treatments to purify it. These treatments can harm the water's energy and self-cleaning properties, leaving it bio-energetically burdened. Additionally, water is transported at high pressure through long pipelines, further diminishing its vitality. As a result, all life is removed from the water. That's why we've been using a water revitaliser, also known as a vitaliser, for years to revitalise the water and add healthy properties to it.'

Clean Water

'A few months ago, we came across a study on the quality of our tap water and bottled water from the supermarket. We were shocked to learn how much pollution is present in our water, especially since we place such a high value on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Clean water is essential to our well-being. We all consume substances that don't belong in our bodies, and our bodies must process them, requiring additional energy. Some substances can't even be processed, and they end up being stored in our cells. This can cause cells to behave strangely.'

AquaTru Water

'That's why we decided to invest in a water purifier. We stumbled upon an advertisement for AquaTru Water while ordering supplements online, and we were immediately impressed, especially since the product is backed by scientific research. We received the device shortly after placing our order, and installation was a breeze. All we had to do was place the filters in the unit and fill the tap water tank. It was that simple!'

AquaTru in the storage room

'We keep the AquaTru unit in our storage room instead of on our countertop, as we don't like how it looks. We don't keep any other appliances on the countertop, so the storage room was the best option for us. We could have opted for another brand, but that would have required taking up a cabinet, which we didn't want to do. AquaTru Water is the only company that can provide independent test results on the performance of their water filter.'

Limescale in our water

'We highly recommend that everyone purchase a water purifier, especially as our climate becomes increasingly dry. We live in Limburg, and our tap water usually comes from the Maas River. Last summer, when the river was flowing low, our region had to switch to groundwater. As a result, our tap water now contains much more limescale, which has its consequences. Additionally, it's expected that this will happen more frequently in the future, and more harmful substances will end up in our drinking water. We can already see how much limescale the AquaTru filters out of our tap water and collects in the residue water tank, which gives us peace of mind.'