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AquaTru Carafe Waterfilter - Alkaline Complete Set

AquaTru Carafe Waterfilter - Alkaline Complete Set

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AquaTru Carafe Alkaline purifies and alkalizes drinking water. The compact water filtration system contains a durable removable glass water carafe that fits in the refrigerator. AquaTru Carafe Alkaline filters through a 4-stage filtration, via Ultra Reverse Osmosis®, removing more than 99% of all contaminants from tap water. AquaTru Carafe Alkaline includes an Alkaline VOC Carbon filter with pH+ Mineral Boost. This filter removes VOC contaminants, adds healthy minerals, and alkalizes your drinking water. The difference with AquaTru Carafe is that AquaTru Carafe Alkaline adds minerals to the filtered water in the last step of the filtration process. The system is so compact that it fits anywhere: on the kitchen counter, in your practice room, or on the counter or desk of your office.

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