About Us

When people are feeling healthy (usually) everything is going well for them. That is why we want to make a positive contribution to the health of everyone, with all our products.

But healthy living is not always that simple. Air, water, nutrition, exercise, they all affect your health. However, you do not always want to be concerned with the things that are good for you and the things that are not. That is why we only develop products of which you can be sure that they are good for your health. All with a unique and user-friendly design, great performance and high quality. We support these claims with independent scientific research. In this way, AquaTru makes it easy to live a healthy life.

Our company doesn't only pay attention to human health, but also to that of our planet. Together with developers, customers and other stakeholders we strive to maintain a habitable and clean planet

What people say about us

I get asked so frequently what my favourite water filter is, and I always say AquaTru is the real deal. I even add some Celtic sea salt in every glass just to remineralise the water and ensure I'm hydrating with the best stuff around.

Tim Gray, CEO, Health Optimisation Summit

For the past 10 years, I've had a typical water filter with a cartridge. I always thought this was enough, until I learned about how many major contaminants had passed through the filter and I was still consuming. I discovered AquaTru through a podcast called Heal Thy Self by Dr G. Whenever I see anyone drinking from a plastic bottle, I have to share some information with them about AquaTru so they can do further research for themselves. This is the best countertop water filtration system you will find with very simple instructions to set up. Perfect.

Roger Snipes, Aesthetic Biohacker/ Coach – Author: Your mind builds your body

The AquaTru is an innovative product. Sleek in design and with unique 4-phase filtering system. Quality the way I like it!

Leon Verhagen, dentist

With AquaTru, we drink a lot more water because it tastes better. It also reassures me that my children drink pure water every day.

Corine Vogelaar, Director Life Sciences Branche