Are you a 'sour' person? Drink alkaline water!

Are you a 'sour' person? Drink alkaline water!

You may not be aware of it, but the food you eat and drink can make your body quite acidic. The culprits are, for example, alcohol, products containing refined sugars, coffee, energy drinks, cheese, chocolate, and artificial sweeteners. These foods and substances can negatively affect your health. Drinking alkaline or basic water is a first step in detoxifying your body.

Acidic versus alkaline

You have probably heard of the term 'acidity'. The acidity is expressed with the 'pH value'. For humans, a healthy pH value if the body lies between 7.35 and 7.45. If the pH value of the is lower, we call it 'acidic' or 'acid'. If it is higher, it is called 'basic' or 'alkaline'. Basic water and alkaline water are therefore the same. By the way, 'acid' in this context has nothing to do with taste. Take a lemon, for example: it tastes extremely acidic, but it may well be the most alkalising food we know.

Effects on your health

Your body feels best with an excess of bases that remain in your body as by-products of your digestion and metabolism. Acids, on the other hand are excreted by your kidneys, skin, and lungs. If you ingest too many of them, they remain in your muscles, joints, and subcutaneous connective tissue. The result is that you may experience fatigue, painful joints, hair loss, headaches, and skin problems. Prolonged acidification can lead to, among other things, rheumatism, high blood pressure, eczema, fungal infections, and cardiovascular disease.

Food with alkaline value

The right diet that is rich of basic/ alkaline nutrients, can already largely ensure that your body becomes balanced again. The following foods stimulate the deacidification of your body:

  • (sweet) potato
  • broccoli
  • lemon
  • fresh coconut
  • tomato
  • almonds
  • buckwheat
  • tofu
  • olive oil
  • herbal tea
  • ginger

Alkaline or basic water

Many drinks can acidify your body but you still need about 2 liters of fluid per day. Therefore it is advisable to drink mostly water. Tap water has a pH value of 7, which means it is not acidic or alkaline, but neutral. Alkaline water helps support a healthy acid-base balance in your body. 

AquaTru Perfect Minerals

With AquaTru Perfect Minerals, you can make alkaline water yourself. By adding these 100% natural minerals to your water, you create alkaline water. The minerals come from the great salt lake in Utah which contains more than 70 important minerals and trace elements.

Water filter

It is possible make alkaline water by adding the Perfect Minearals to your tap water. But, did you know that our tap water can contain harmful substances? Although in very small quantities that fall within the drinking water standard set by governments and are therefore considered safe, you still ingest them. The AquaTru water filter filters up to 99% of all those substances from your tap water, so that you are left with truly pure water. So why not drink pure and clean water, supplemented with AquaTru Perfect Minerals, if you want to support the acid-base balance in your body? This prevents your body from having to work extra hard to remove all those harmful substances from your system.

If you want your AquaTru to add the minerals instantly to every glass of water than this is also possible with our AquaTru Alkaline pH+ mineral boost device.

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