• Dr. Mark Hyman, ten-time #1 New York Times bestselling Author

    AquaTru has created the world’s most powerful water filter yet.

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  • Mike Adams, The Health Ranger

    AquaTru is the most innovative counter-top water purifier available on the planet."

  • Ocean Robbins, The Food Revolution Network

    I’ve scoured the test results. I’ve asked probing questions. I am very impressed.

  • Susan Peirce Thompson - Founder and CEO, Bright Line Eating

    AquaTru is the 'Real Deal'. If your budget is in the hundreds, not the thousands, I’m convinced this is the best system.

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  • What's in your tap water?

  • How does the AquaTru work

Discover the filter process of AquaTru

  • 1-2 Pre Carbon

    In stage 1, the water passes through a mechanical Pre-Filter that removes larger particles like sediment and rust. Next, the Carbon filter removes Chlorine and Chloramines.

  • 3 Reverse Osmosis

    Our ultra-fine Reverse Osmosis filter filters out dangerous inorganic chemicals, including lead, chromium 6, arsenic, uranium, nitrates and lots of other heavy metals.

  • 4 VOC Carbon

    Our activated coconut block Carbon Filter removes inorganic compounds like rocket fuel, prescription drug residue and PFAS, leaving you with pure, great-tasting water.

  • Tim Gray, CEO, Health Optimisation Summit

    I get asked so frequently what my favourite water filter is, and I always say AquaTru is the real deal. I even add some Celtic sea salt in every glass just to remineralise the water and ensure I'm hydrating with the best stuff around.

  • Roger Snipes, Aesthetic Biohacker/ Coach – Author: Your mind builds your body

    For years, I trusted a basic filter until learning about its shortcomings. After discovering AquaTru from Dr G's podcast, I now advocate for its superior countertop filtration. Easy setup. Perfect.

  • Leon Verhagen, dentist

    The AquaTru is an innovative product. Sleek in design and with unique 4-phase filtering system. Quality the way I like it!

  • Corine Vogelaar, Director Life Sciences Branche

    With AquaTru, we drink a lot more water because it tastes better. It also reassures me that my children drink pure water every day.

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