Essential Care for Your AquaTru: The AquaTru Descaling Kit

Essential Care for Your AquaTru: The AquaTru Descaling Kit

Hard water, characterised by high levels of dissolved calcium and magnesium, is a common issue across many regions in the EU and UK. The geological composition of these areas significantly influences the hardness of the water supply, leading to various household and appliance challenges. 

Understanding hard water 

Water hardness is typically expressed in milligrams per litre (mg/L) of calcium carbonate (CaCO3). The hardness of water can be classified as follows: 

  • Soft: up to 100 mg/L 
  • Slightly hard: 100 - 150 mg/L 
  • Moderately hard: 150 - 200 mg/L 
  • Hard: 200 - 300 mg/L 
  • Very hard: more than 300 mg/L 

Regional variations in hard water 

In the UK, for example, a significant portion of households experience hard or very hard water. According to a study, around 14% of households in these regions use water softeners or purchase descaling agents to manage water hardness. This behaviour highlights the widespread nature of the issue and the proactive steps taken by many to mitigate its effects. 

Consequences of hard water 

Hard water causes several problems in household appliances and plumbing systems
. The most noticeable issue is the formation of limescale, a hard, chalky deposit that accumulates on heating elements, pipes, and water fixtures. This build-up can lead to: 

  • Reduced efficiency and lifespan: scaling of heating elements shortens their life and makes appliances less efficient. 
  • Increased energy consumption: appliances work harder to heat water through the limescale deposits. 
  • Surface residue: it leaves ‘tide marks’ on basins, sinks, baths, and toilets. 
  • Scum on drinks: hard water leaves a scum on the surface of hot drinks, especially tea brewed in the cup with a teabag (due to the air and oils in the tea) 

Health implications 

While the current EU Drinking Water Directive does not regulate water hardness, some EU countries have implemented national regulations to manage it. These regulations vary, with some countries setting recommended ranges and others imposing mandatory limits. Interestingly, both very low and very high levels of calcium and magnesium in drinking water have been linked to health issues, including cardiovascular problems. 

The need for descaling and the AquaTru Descaling Kit 

Given the prevalent issue of hard water in the EU and UK, it's essential to regularly descale your AquaTru water filter system to prevent limescale build-up. This build-up can significantly impact the efficiency, performance, and lifespan of your device. Regular maintenance with a descaling kit is crucial to ensure that your AquaTru remains in top condition, providing you with clean, great-tasting water. 

Why descaling is essential 

Descaling your AquaTru removes the limescale that accumulates due to hard water. This mineral build-up can obstruct water flow, reduce filtration efficiency, and lead to higher energy consumption as the system works harder to filter water. Regular descaling prevents these issues, maintaining the performance and extending the life of your AquaTru water filter. 

We always recommend descaling the AquaTru unit every six months under normal conditions. However, for areas with hard water, monthly descaling is essential. 

Introducing the AquaTru Descaling Kit 

The AquaTru Descaling Kit is specially designed to make the descaling process of your AquaTru water purifier as straightforward and effective as possible. Descaling is an essential maintenance task that helps ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your device. We have specific kits for Carafe and Classic models. 

The descaling kit is suitable for the AquaTru and provides a comprehensive solution for maintaining your water filter system. Here's what the kit includes: 

  • A set of 3 AquaTru descaling filters or caps: these reusable filters are designed to be used during the descaling process, ensuring that the descaling solution does not contaminate the regular filters. 
  • 6 packs of AquaTru descaling powder: made from 100% natural citric acid, this descaling powder is highly effective at dissolving mineral deposits without leaving harmful residues.

Why choose the AquaTru Descaling Kit? 

The AquaTru Descaling Kit stands out for several reasons: 

High-quality citric acid 

The citric acid powder in the kit is of the highest grade, ensuring it effectively dissolves mineral build-up without leaving harmful residues. Being food-grade, it is safe to use in appliances that handle drinking water. This citric acid is specifically formulated to be gentle on the AquaTru components while being tough on scale deposits. Compared to other high-grade citric acids available on the market, our descaling powder is uniquely tailored for use in the AquaTru, ensuring compatibility and effectiveness. 

Special descaling filters 

The descaling process involves using special descaling filters, which are crucial for maintaining the regular filters' integrity. When using the descaling solution, it's essential to replace the actual filters with descaling filters. This prevents the solution from contaminating the regular filters, which could otherwise absorb the citric acid. If the citric acid solution passes through the regular filters, it may reduce their effectiveness and potentially impart a sour taste to your water. Allowing the citric acid to pass through the standard filters can impact their lifespan. The descaling filters ensure that the citric acid only cleans the internal components of the AquaTru without affecting the actual filters. 
Additionally, these descaling filters are reusable, meaning that for future descaling sessions, you only need to purchase the descaling powder, making the process both economical and environmentally friendly. 

Safety and ease of use 

If you accidentally leave the regular filters in place during the descaling process, it's important to rinse them thoroughly by running water through the system repeatedly. This will help remove any residual citric acid and mitigate any temporary sour taste. 

Optimal descaling procedure 

To achieve the best results and maintain the effectiveness of your AquaTru, always use filtered or bottled water for the descaling procedure. Using hard tap water can diminish the effectiveness of the citric acid because it will start reacting with the minerals in the water tank instead of the internal components of the system. This reaction can reduce the citric acid's ability to clean the internal pipes and mechanisms effectively. 


Regular descaling with the AquaTru Descaling Kit is essential for maintaining the optimal performance of your AquaTru water filter system. By preventing limescale build-up, you ensure that your device remains efficient, providing you with high-quality water and extending its lifespan. Invest in the AquaTru Descaling Kit to keep your water filter system in excellent condition, even in areas with hard water! 

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