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7M Probiotic Concentrate

7M Probiotic Concentrate

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Do you want to boost your freshly purified water with beneficial bacteria and beneficial herbs? Then add 7M Probiotic Concentrate to your drinking water. With 5 or 10 ml of 7M Probiotic Concentrate in a glass of pure water from your AquaTru you make a unique organic healthy drink full of benign bio-active bacteria, herbs and minerals. 7M is a 100% organic liquid product based on fermentation of herbs and sugar cane molasses as a nutrient source for the bacterial cultures. After the fermentation process, however, there is no residual sugar left in the product. 7M forms the basis for a unique probiotic fermentation drink packed with benign lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria for your intestinal flora. Each glass of 10 ml of 7M contains no less than 28 different strains and 30 billion benign bacteria.

15 litres of fermentation drink
One bottle of 7M of 300 ml can be diluted into 15 litres of fermentation drink and therefore gives you a glass full of living nature every day for one to two months for your balance and resilience. The taste of 7M is fresh and sour. 7M contains 100% biological active ingredients without unnecessary additives, per dose of 10 ml: water, organic herbal mixture (0.5%), bifidobacteria, lactobacilli and salt (0.5% Quellsalz from Portugal). 7M contains no dairy, alcohol, soy, gluten, sugar and sweeteners and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Are you using 7M for the first time?
Start with a mild daily dose of 5 ml. Your body may need to get used to the benign bacteria and herbs in 7M. Your intestines can become a bit more active and your belly can rumble. However, that is not a problem at all and is perceived as positive. You can increase the dose to 10 ml per day after a few days. A maximum daily dose is 2 x 10 ml. There are situations imaginable in which your body could use some extra support, for example. You can then, after a good build-up, use this boost dose for a short time. We recommend not exceeding this dosage. Always tilt the bottle a few times before use. The product can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two months after opening.

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